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Tuesday, November 22, 2005
Move to Wordpress successful!
Finally was able to make the move to WordPress, will share the new Innovation blog URL once I am done with the tweaking with the WordPress theme.
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Moving/Importing/Exporting the aside Innovation blog
I recently started blogging on the Wordpress blogging platform for the aside design studio blog and have found it to be more functional and with more features to enable me to write a truly professional blog.

Personally, I feel that a good blog is one with good content and the platform does not make much of a difference, but when one can write good content and the platform can contribute to easy manageability as well as aesthetics, why not move to the better platform.

Blogger had indeed made it easy for *anyone* to start blogging but that has also led to splogs and my business networking blog being duplicated and used by someone else - even after repeated complaints to the hosting people [ something called txthub ] and also after alerting Google [ because the duplicate blog is being used for Google AdSense too ] - nothing has been done about it.

WordPress is more secure as far as I have seen - the number of plugins to tweak a WordPress blog are innumerable and also allow for more security and functionality.

The content of this blog will be transferred instantly onto a new WordPress blog but I will not be removing the content from the domain name [ there is no way I can transfer the Google PageRank! ] - hopefully with better content in the future, I will be able to build a better PageRank on the new WordPress blog and will then probably remove content from this domain.
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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Managing Innovation: Emerging Trends, Spring 2005
MIT's online course summary for "Managing Innovation"

Here you will find links to PDF class material as well as reading lists and links to PowerPoint presentations made in class by the course Professor.
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Thursday, November 03, 2005
Fortune's Innovation Blog
Fortune [ the magazine ], launched an Innovation blog recently and have already put up some very readable content - interviews in collaboration with various other innovation blog authors like Chuck Frey and Renes Hopkins. The new blog has been inspired by a collective force of leaders in business innovation.

Worth a look.
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