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Thursday, June 10, 2004
Radical Innovation and Uncertainty
Any kind of Innovation involves a level of uncertainty. (Any kind of change involves some level of uncertainty.) But Radical Innovation involves the maximum level of uncertainty on four major fronts: Technical, Organisational, Market and Resource.

Technical uncertainty would involve questions like
"Are the specifications of the product right?"
"Do we have the necessary technology to develop a product with those specifications?"
"Does that technology exist elsewhere?"
"Do we have the right technically sound people to work on this?"

Organisational uncertainty would involve questions like
"Does this follow our core competency or are we losing our focus?"
"Will this be embraced by all employees and management or will I have to abandon it midstream?"
"How will the organisation as a whole react to the development of this innovation?"
"What will happen to the team that is working on this if it turns out to be a failure?"

Market uncertainty would involve customer questions:
"Who are the customers for this innovation?"
"Who should I demonstrate the prototype to?"
"What will the gap be between prototype demonstration-reaction-results and the actual product launch results?"
"Does this fulfil any unmet customer needs?"

Resource uncertainty would include questions like
"Will the management provide enough financial resources for the development of this product?"
"Do we have the adequate technology to do this?"
"Who all will have to contribute resources to this endeavor?"
"Will it require outside help?"
"How willing will management be to acquire that help?"

The answers to these questions will determine what our attitude towards the innovation process is and will hence play a major role in the success or failure of the project.
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