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Wednesday, August 04, 2004
Innovation Picture of The Week: Footprint

The numbers "55", "18" and "60" on the ruler. What do they remind you of?
The "Spade"... and what about its "handle" - does that point to the "Goal" being clear but not the "Means" to get there?
A waterfall or a spider-web?
Or the mouth of a cave?
How is it related to your problem?

Can your "design" problem be solved by increasing the size of the opening?
Making it deeper? Painting it black?

What are the three most important factors that will affect the management's decision for the go-ahead for your innovation project?
How can you make those favorable for you and your team?
How can you make sure that this project gets the approval?

What's the foot doing in the middle of all this?
And that too pink?
What does "pink" remind you of?
Why is the foot "higher" than the others"?
What is the one thing that will either make-or-break this project?
Are you paying enough attention to that?

Can you dig with a spade holding the spade with your feet?
Or can you even balance the spade with your toes?
Can you carry your briefcase with your foot?
Can you measure the length of the room using your feet?
What happens if you soak your feet in water for 24 hours?

The last part with the "Can you...?" questions is an attempt at BodyStorming - IDEO follows this technique to get different perspectives for their problem...very interesting and effective because you physically put yourself in awkward positions and in effect "stretch" your mind by demanding "wierd" stuff from your body!

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