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Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Innovation Questions
Adam Bostock at the if++ Innovation Forum by AcroLogic recently mailed me asking three questions. It was an interesting thought process and I am sharing my answers here. Would love to hear from you too!

What you find the most innovative and exciting developments in innovation?
One thing that immediately comes to my mind is systems like the IdeaAs in Action by SouthWest Airlines - very functional and usable implementation of a system which enables incremental as well as radical innovation from the employees themselves. These systems are few and far between and have not been replicated with 100% success.

Are the innovation consultants applying quantum leap innovation to their own field?
No, Innovation Consultants are not at all applying radical innovations to the field of innovation and creativity! I have been thinking on this myself! Very very interesting - if one of us develops an innovation for the innovators - it will be a great business opportunity!

What is the value of an idea?
The value of an idea - the originator, in most cases over values his/her idea an the person who has to approve it, in most cases, under values it! The value of an idea should not be determined only by the revenues it will bring to an individual or an organization, the value should alse be determined keeping in mind the implementability and acceptance value of the idea. An idea might be fabulous conceptually, but it might not be practical to implement - maybe because the requisite technology does not exist or is expensive - such ideas should not be completely trashed - they should be hung onto and when the techonology does become reachable - bang! the idea should be implemented!

So what do you think?
--What you find the most innovative and exciting developments in innovation?
--Are the innovation consultants applying quantum leap innovation to their own field?
--What is the value of an idea?

You are welcome to either leave a comment or e-mail me regarding this!
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At 10/27/2004 12:10:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

3M and Google allow employees to use 15% and 10% (respectievely) of their 40 hour week to work on personal projects. "Stick It" notes and Google News are both great examples of innovative products that emerged from this practice.

This approach hasn't really been picked up by the rest of the industry though.
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