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Saturday, October 08, 2005
ThoughtPath calls it quits
This post has been lifted from Chuck Frey's InnovationTools Weblog. Since I had no idea bout the software, I am in no position to comment. I think it's sad that the software is being retired. Least I could do was spread the news and maybe some way would emerge to help Jeff. The following is what Chuck has to say:

"Jeff Mauzy, a principal at Synectics Inc. who has been marketing the ThoughtPath
brainstorming program for some time now, has just posted a message on the program's website that says that ThoughtPath is shutting down for good.

I have been a fan of this idea-generation program for over ten years, back when it was called MindLink Problem Solver (click here to read my 2001 review of it).

ThoughtPath featured a unique approach to brainstorming, based on methods developed by Synectics, that took you on creative excursions away from your problem or challenge - into something totally unrelated - and then encouraged you to find ways to link or adapt the ideas you generated to your current challenge. This "sleight of head" technique was a reliable way to generate original ideas, and made ThoughtPath much fun to use.

I spoke with Jeff several times during the past 4-5 years, and I know he
wanted to update and extend this elegant brainstorming application, but
couldn't find a way to economically do it. Kudos to Jeff for keeping ThoughtPath
available as long as he did.
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