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Monday, July 12, 2004
Reverend Peter Owen Jones on Creativity
1. The source of inspiration is unique to each one of us. Feed the world into Monet and out come water lilies. Feed the world into Marconi and out comes radio.
2. The age of individualism has encouraged more of us to explore the edges and to exercise our creative potential. But not everybody is comfortable on the edge.
3. The job of creative thinkers is to push and break boxes and barriers.
4. Fresh thinking requires effort and, most importantly, desire.
5. Rejecting the old and the complacent and embracing creativity forces us to look beyond our comfort zone.
6. Redundancy, being fired, bereavement or failure can often create the space needed for inspiration to germinate.
7. We are so used to the hierarchy of creativity, that you are only creative if you can paint, write or compose, that we presume we can't be creative. As a result we tend not to be.
8. Relationships are a huge source of both creativity and creative tension. This can be internal (as with a creative team) or external (as with a consultant).
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