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Tuesday, May 03, 2005
Communication and Confidence
Long time no post!

Was recently having a discussion on whether it's confidence that comes first or communication. I refuse to use the term "good commuincation" since one either communicates, or simply doesn't. Being a "bad" communicator only means that you cannot communicate at all!

So, does one have to be confident to communicate or does being a communicator gurantee confidence? I believe the former. If you are confident, you will be a communicator. I know of people who are the so claled "good" communicators - are very lucid in their explanations, very articulate, knowledgeable - but just don't have the guts to say what their opinion is and what they feel. What good is communication without confidence?

And I also know of people who are the so called "bad" communicators who - because of their self-confidence - are doing great in life! They might be verbose, not very lucid and not very great to talk to - but like they say "with confidence, even a lie seems like the truth". These people take that adage seriously - they implement it.

I am not proposing that we should start lying - but hell! It sure works!

The reason I thought this topic would be relevant to the issue of innovation is that innovation requires a certain level of pig-headedness. If you are not thick-skinned, there exist many people who will put you down and tell you that your idea sucks. Even if you are not a good communicator, it doesn't really matter - if you have a great idea, it will eventually come forth on its own mertis - communication or no communication.

But you will need self-confidence and even a certain level of arrogance to let your ideas bear fruit. With confidence you can persevere and do whatever the hell you want to - to take your idea forward to translate it into a reality. Communication in this case would be secondary - I say secondary because it would be important at some level. Again that would depend on the environment you are in - if you are in an organization where "listening" is a word non-existent in dictionaries - whether you communicate or not - your idea is doomed from the start.
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At 5/13/2005 11:01:00 AM, Blogger Snigha said...

Communication and Confidence!! Good topic, cause both are required to make success. But what comes first? I would agree with Niana.. Confidence comes first for sure. Belief in one's idea and the confidence to implement it, is what makes an innovation. Nevertheless, to be able to communicate the idea to make it happen would be as important as the confidence in the idea.
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